The press isn’t making anything up. We do not have to. Within our wildest dreams, we couldn’t from the depth of depravity by the hands of the president and the supporters.

I’ve spent my career simply because up close and private.

Here’s some truth it is not new but nonetheless hurts:

Hate absolutely includes a home here. It bought property and settled into our metropolitan areas, our country and our White-colored House.

And then Trump bending lower. Or stacked on, or whatever someone does as he dances around the graves of others together with his now all-too-familiar morning toxic tweet dump.

I possibly could not stop watching that clip or stop seething over his disrespectful and dismissive treatment of U.S. citizens. Once more for the children within the back: Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens. 

My uncle, in Manati, Puerto Rico, isn’t creating the devastation he observed once the hurricane destroyed his home and also the desperation that now exists throughout him.

A few several weeks after he assured U.S. citizens in hurricane-hit Texas and Louisiana the country will be around them before the finish, he informs U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico that they’re by themselves, that “FEMA, the Military &amp the very first Responders” can’t exist forever.

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