When the offense did not seem frightening, think about the defense may be worse. Take a look at where they rated above. Things aren’t good. Texas Condition has maybe two gamers overall unit who might be regarded as an exciting-conference player. Not just one who’ll. One that might. Frankie Griffin is really a hitter within the secondary and Dallas McClarty can produce a experience the inside. That’s about this.

Forecasted final score: Arkansas 52, Texas Condition 10. Forecasted record to date: 2-1.


The very best factor that may be stated concerning the Texas Condition offense may be the Bobcats may have an old SEC quarterback in the helm. There is a catch. It’s Eddie Printz. Who performed at Missouri. Never began. Put three passes. And completed one. he’s three starters in front of him, that is useful if he wins the task. Tyler Johnson may be the actual coming back starter and that he had 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this past year. Johnson can also be the team’s leading coming back rusher. The following best player had 59 carries this past year. Pass catchers? Exactly one with any experience, nevermind beginning experience, back.


And, for that curious, we’ve projections for the way the growing season will shake out. Also known as: What we should have Arkansas finishing, record-wise. Here’s opponent No. 3.

Every day from now until This summer 12, the very first day of SEC Media Days, Arkansas News Bureau requires a record and positional take a look at take a look at each one of the 12 regular-season football competitors for Arkansas within the 2016 season. The series started Wednesday with Arkansas’ first opponent, Louisiana Tech.


FAYETTEVILLE — 10 days to Southeastern Conference Media Days. Ten games left to check out around the Arkansas football schedule.

Be truthful. Have you know Texas Condition was at the FBS? Maybe should you follow Arkansas Condition and today concerning the Sun Belt. This is actually the Bobcats’ fifth season in the level. These were said to be decent this past year, a borderline bowl team. They were not and coach Dennis Franchione — formerly of Texas Christian, Alabama and Texas A&ampM fame — left. Everett Withers is within his newbie and that he gets control a group with 10 starters away from a 3-win team. It is possible Texas Condition may be the worst team in FBS. The Razorbacks will roll.

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