Uber asks its passengers to rate its motorists on the five-point scale, some say it may be doing more to inspire riders to report more in depth concerns.  It’s unclear whether Uber received complaints specific to those motorists.

The legal complaint, filed by Wigdor LLP with respect to two plaintiffs, alleges that “thousands of female passengers have suffered illegal conduct by their Uber motorists including rape, sexual assault, assault and gender-motivated harassment.”

“As alleged within the complaint filed today against Uber, the organization must come forward with details about the number of reports it’s received about rapes, sexual assaults and gender-motivated harassment to permit customers to assess whether Uber really provides safe rides, especially to women.  Uber must make drastic changes to avoid another female rider from harm. As alleged, the current #MeToo campaign has uncovered the heinous functions that female riders happen to be made to endure during Uber rides. The time is right for Uber to “Do the best factor. Period.”

A spokesperson for Uber taken care of immediately the suit, telling us, “Uber received this complaint today and we’re while reviewing it. These allegations are essential to we and us bring them seriously.Inches

Uber employs 2 million motorists worldwide, so it’s inevitable that a number of them will will continue to commit crimes. But the seriousness of the above mentioned occurrences have caused many people to wonder if Uber does enough to screen its motorists.

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