Iceland next plays France, the host country, on This summer 3 for any shot in the semifinals. 

Yes, that isn’t a typo. From the TVs which were on, only .2 percent made a decision to watch another thing (Question: Is .2 percent only the TVs which were accidentally on but nobody was really watching?)

The little country’s greatest sports victory ever came a jaw-shedding audience.

Iceland’s primary TV provider produced a unique soccer-only channel for the ecu Football Titles. Iceland continues to be the belle from the ball in the tournament in France. It’s the country’s very first ever within the final a part of a significant worldwide tournament. Using the tiniest population associated with a country within the finals of 24 nations, it’s been a significant surprise. Another amazing statistic: About 27,000 Icelanders, or 8 percent from the country’s people in this country of approximately 330,000, attended the England game. (If 8 percent of the usa attended one game, the stadium will have to have the ability to seat 25 million people.)

Individuals figures aren’t any fluke either. Iceland’s previous game — they beat Austria 2-1 to have a place within the knockout stages — came a 98.5 share from the audience. To compare, Super Bowl 50 came about 70 % of individuals within the 18-49 demographic for their TVs.

Here are a few ratings that can make American TV executives drool with envy.

Iceland’s 2-1 upset victory over England during June 27’s UEFA Euro 2016 match came insane ratings for the reason that country. Based on Spanish newspaper AS, 99.8 percent of Iceland’s TVs that were on were updated to the game.


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