Everlasting is made on lies: lies towards the easily duped audience, lies to cast people, lies to fellow producers and showrunners, lies towards the network, lies, lies, lies. Therefore it shojuld not be a shock to Rachel that Darius continues to be keeping a dark key to their own: He’s hurt. Like hurt, hurt. So hurt it might finish his football career forever. So hurt that without surgery, one wrong move could paralyze him.

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Similar to Rachel, Quinn spins how this might help her. She states if he will get hurt on set, they might medevac him out — which may make the show to tank on Coleman’s watch. Chet states the network would need to return to Quinn. He might not be happy his “kingdom” has been provided to another person, but he’d rather see Quinn running the show than “little weirdo and dick for brains.”

Does that create Rachel to look at ending the growing season of reality TV she’s imagined of? Definitely not.

Rachel is getting to mislead the whole cast about Darius’ symptom in “Treason,” and it comes down to a trip from his physician outfitted like a messenger so he is able to treat Darius around the DL. Together with his room camera switched away, she would like him to provide Darius something for that discomfort, however the physician states that’s no more safe. He needs surgery stat. Romeo — who’s furious Rachel even is aware of this — states it’s worth Darius getting the surgery, despite its 18-month time to recover, when the alternative means losing his capability to play whatsoever.

Ever the manipulator, Rachel has the capacity to spin this on her own gain. She states if he leaves the show now, everybody knows he lied to his team. But when he stays during the day, she’ll get enough footage to really make it seem like he was hurt as he hauled Hot Rachel from the pool and Brandi’s attack just managed to get worse. Romeo and Darius accept this — only because an Entertainment Weekly reporter named Dominic is on set plus they don’t want this news of his injuries to leave. (Oddly, I’ve never witnessed Dominic round the office before…)

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The truth that Darius should be playing quarterback inside a powder puff game using the women is just a small hiccup for Rachel. She rapidly pivots the audience date and informs Jay that Darius and Tiffany are performing play-by-play in the side as the other women play. Jay isn’t getting this — they know something expires. When Rachel won’t speak with him about this, he would go to Quinn and Chet. (It’s just a little unclear why Chet has become okay without finding yourself in charge, but maybe getting his kidnapped baby with him on set makes him soft?) Quinn starts watching the tapes and puts two and 2 together.

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