A minimum of 4,000 American troops were uncovered to mustard gas during The Second World War. It was not before the 1990s the Defense Department declassified individuals experiments.

The military conducted these experiments since it desired to learn to induce “fear, panic, hysteria and hallucinations” in enemy soldiers, a military researcher told NPR.

Mustard gas causes “blistering of your skin and mucous membranes on impact,Inchesaccording to the united states Cdc and Prevention, and “may increase an individual’s risk for lung and respiratory system cancer.”

The military promised to cover health care after a large number of former soldiers won a class action lawsuit suit from the military over getting used in chemical and biological experiments between 1942 and 1975.

Still, the military isn’t meeting its legal needs. The Military hasn’t issued broad notifications as reported by the court ruling, and it is still not answering questions on which chemical agents veterans were uncovered.

A minimum of 70,000 troops were utilized in the experiments, a 2015 NPR report found.

Veterans’ legal rights groups are claiming the united states Army is withholding crucial details about chemical and biological agents veterans were uncovered to in experimentation.

A 2015 PBS investigation found that minorities including African-Americans, Japanese-Americans and Puerto Ricans were designated for experimentation.

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