When it comes to Dueling Fates Update, a precise date wasn’t revealed, but it’s expected to be sold sometime following a Worldwide event a few days ago. Combined with the new figures, the patch will presumably include balance adjustments along with other changes to Dota 2 in general.


Neither character was named nor were their abilities specified, but the very first is an armadillo-like (or pangolin-like, to become more specific) swordsman with quick sword attacks along with a Zorro-like persona. Together with sword strikes and quick movement, it’s a probable bet the type can roll-up right into a ball such as the animal it’s designed after, either like a defensive maneuver or escape ability.

2010 Dota 2 tournament in the Worldwide 2017 e-ball game continues to be filled with surprises. First fans were treated to some special illustration showing an AI bot crushing among the game’s top professional players, after which developer Valve used the 2nd to last day-to demonstrate that two new figures could be debuting soon. A fast teaser video demonstrated the happy couple for action, in addition to announced that the new update entitled Dueling Fates is in route.

Another, a lantern-transporting pink fairy, is assumed to become Sylph, a personality that’s been referenced and speculated on by players for several weeks now. Files detailing the type and it is abilities were found hanging around in May, and it is description being an air spirit matches using the appearance within the video.

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