Alternatively, there is the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, which really wants to abolish overtime and cut the workweek to 30 hrs without reducing pay, measures it states would create 8 million jobs.

Plus there is Die Urbane, literally the urban ones, a Berlin-based “hip-hop party” that states there is no distinction between legal and illegal drugs. With 284 people, based on its website, additionally, it wants an finish towards the “ideology that subjects people and also the atmosphere to some radical market economy.”

London: Wish to shrink the German economy? Hold an independence referendum in Bavaria? Give break-dancing a lift? Spanish people can’t complain about too little options in next week’s national election.

“We don’t wish to enter into power,” founding member Benjamin Richter told ARD television. “You want to make suggestions about how society could be restructured.”

Sample humour from the program: halt animal testing – test lipsticks and organic jam on the top athletes they are accustomed to a variety of substances.

Cultural diversity is its watchword. Co-chairman Raphael Hillebrand was created in Hong Kong, while co-chairwoman Niki Drakos states she’s “all German and all sorts of Greek”. Education policies back promoting graffiti – it’s “about time to create urban art in to the classroom” – and breakdance.

Its Bavaria-based chairman, Roland Wegner, has another claim that they can fame: he’s been a global champion in running backward. Also around the party’s slate is former movie actress Barbara Ruetting, at 89 the earliest Bundestag candidate associated with a party, based on V Cubed.

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