Overturned cars, homes taken away by devastating surges, the deadly flooding in West Virginia leaves numerous people destitute.

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“We have our clothes, we’ve our toiletries, we’ve our food, we are comfortable. These individuals have literally just lost everything,” He stated.

Lavilette is among roughly 100 Red Mix employees visiting the devastated condition to help to employees already on the floor.

He’ll go away for just two-3 days, his third trip for that organization.

“We’re likely to be supplying our clients with immediate direct line assistance, so financial help in coordination with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). As well as we accounts for helping clients set up a recovery plan,” Lavilette stated.

Mental health providers may also be on hands to assist sufferers cope.

“Seeing the readiness to provide everything up, take their endures hold, leave their own families behind and join folks who are displaced…, coping with similar traumas, it is simply truly the empathy, I believe that keeps me going,” Lavilette stated.

In Vermont, Dan Lavilette, a tragedy program manager for that American Red Mix, leaves Monday for Charleston, West Virginia.

“There’s no training like implementing to some disaster. There’s not really. You realize on a single hands, I’ll easily be seeing devastation, I’ll be seeing folks in their cheapest low at this time, however i may also be seeing the selflessness of Red Mix volunteers and staff people,” Lavilette stated.


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