Coach Dragan Stojkovic stated: “I never allow my players to experience so dirty. We respect our opponents, spectators and referees. 

“We all begin to see the provocative conduct of a few of their players … I perform discuss the problem however i hope the management authority can perform much more about it.”

“Justice will prevail. In my opinion everyone saw what went down and that i saw quite clearly what went down.Inches

The Brazilian two times fired the ball at opponents from close range, prompting a battle that removed the benches and led to two red cards

Brazilian stars Hulk and Oscar were in the center of the wild brawl in Sunday’s Chinese Super League match between Shanghai SIPG and Guangzhou R&ampF.

That started off a round of pushing and shoving that brought to some full-on fight between people of both teams and saw Li and Shanhai SIPG’s Fu Huan given their marching orders.

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