WARNING: The recording below shows a fatal collision and includes several usages of profanity. Viewer discretion is suggested.

Video published to Twitter by Brennan Gilmore taken the chaotic scene because the vehicle came crashing in to the crowd. Get more information at more about the developing situation in Charlottesville.

The counter protesters have there been as a result of a “Unite the Right” rally, featuring its white-colored nationalists along with other right-wing groups, based on the city’s verified twitter account.

CNN also acquired footage from the crash, begin to see the embed below for individuals videos.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Veterans administration. — One individual was wiped out and many everyone was hurt Saturday whenever a vehicle crashed into several counter protesters in Charlottesville, and video published to Twitter taken the scene.

Video of vehicle hitting anti-racist protestors. Let there not be any confusion: it was deliberate terrorism. My hopes with victims. Stay at home. pic.twitter.com/MUOZs71Pf4

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