Location: Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Greenville,  North Carolina

Date: Saturday, Sept. 16

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The Hokies and Pirates have faced off in nine of history 10 seasons, even though Virginia Tech has won six of individuals nine games, Eastern Carolina has shown a worthy opponent most years. Five of individuals nine games were made the decision by one score or less, and Eastern Carolina performed upset wins both in 2014 and 2015.

Network: CBS Sports Network

Virginia Tech’s defense, which dominated a week ago, quitting just 223 total yards and scoring a touchdown against Delaware, will need to get ready for both Minshew and Sirk without beginning middle linebacker Tavante Beckett. Beckett was billed with legal marijuana possession with conspiracy to marketOrdeliver on Monday. He has been frozen indefinitely through the Hokies. Linebacker Sean Huelskamp is anticipated to consider within the mike role in Beckett’s absence.

The Virginia Tech Hokies (2-) will visit Greenville, N.C. for his or her annual matchup using the East Carolina Pirates (-2) in Week 3.

Weather: mostly sunny, high 85 levels

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