Umbra: The darkest area of the Moon’s shadow. Inside the umbra, the Moon seems bigger compared to Sun. An observer waiting in the umbra sees a complete solar eclipse.

Source: American Astronomical Society. Selected excerpts from “A Solar Eclipse Reference” online

Partial eclipse: A solar eclipse in which the Moon covers only part of the Sun. An incomplete eclipse precedes and follows totality or annularity, however a partial also occurs alone. An incomplete solar eclipse is seen more than a wider swath of Earth than is totality or annularity.

Second contact (C2): The moment once the total or annular phase of the eclipse begins. For any total eclipse, this really is symbolic of the disappearance from the first gemstone ring.

4th (last) contact (C4): The moment once the Moon no more covers any area of the solar disk. This signals the final outcome from the partial phase of the eclipse.

Umbraphile A solar-eclipse aficionado an individual who is going to do just about anything, and travel almost anywhere, to determine totality. Another term to have an umbraphile is “eclipse chaser.”

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