Champion: Wise Platinum 7

The Vodafone Platinum 7 has a 2K screen

Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 back

Vodafone’s Wise Ultra 7 and Wise Platinum 7 have unleashed a dual-header of affordable products, each with impressive specs for that cost. But exactly how do the way they compare when put alongside?

Both phones target different ends from the market, therefore it should not surprise you to definitely discover the Wise Ultra 7 is wholly encased in plastic. This does not turn it into a lesser device, because the sides possess a blown metal-like appearance and also the screen temptingly curves in to the phone’s edges.

Champion: Wise Platinum 7

Vodafone Wise Ultra 7 versus Vodafone Wise Platinum 7 mind-to-mind review

Wise Ultra 7: 152.2×78.1×8.7mm, 150g
Wise Platinum 7: 154x76x6.9mm, 155g

Both phones possess a 5.5in screen however the display technology differs. The Wise Platinum 7 dazzles using its QHD resolution, as the Wise Ultra 7 sticks to some more pedestrian Full HD.

Wise Ultra 7: 5.5in Full HD 1,920×1,080 pixels at 401ppi
Wise Platinum 7: 5.5in QHD 2,560×1,440 pixels at 534ppi

Particularly, the Wise Ultra 7 isn’t the heavier device, however the added girth produces that illusion.

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Our original Wise Platinum 7 review considered the identity from the screen manufacturer. Can it be Samsung? Even when it isn’t, the Wise Ultra 7 still apes the Samsung display modes and enables careful tweaking so that you can tweak your experience so.

There is a detachable cover around the back that keeps things interesting because of a textured finish. Talking about textures, you’ll find that the buttons match individuals of their more costly brother too.

The Wise Platinum 7 looks polished and suitable for from the cost, and you’ve got to appear carefully to place the scrimp. In the finish during the day will still be a beautiful handset.

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USB 2. is supported on phones, however the Wise Ultra 7 lacks the booming speaker array that so impressed us alternatively.


There’s lots of detail and visuals look sharp, however the gap between your glass and also the panel implies that viewing angles can suffer. The Ultra also seems noticeably duller when placed alongside.

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