Anthony Scaramucci may be sad about his rapid dismissal in the White-colored House, however it appears that late-night comedians take this news even harder. Who are able to blame them? Scaramucci was comedy gold, the kind of which we haven’t seen since, well, Sean Spicer.

Because the news of Scaramucci’s ouster in the White-colored House broke relatively early Monday mid-day, the hosts had sufficient time to organize their responses—and their send-offs didn’t dissatisfy. Stephen Colbert’s team authored a Queen-inspired song Trevor Noah performed a bittersweet “In Memoriam” montage and Due To Jimmy Kimmel even managed to set up a “phone interview” using the crass man from the hour.

To pep a probable disappointed Mooch up a little, Fallon known as on “G.O.P. fanboy” John Early, who offered his party the few suggestions here: “To my boys within the G.O.P., don’t let individuals haters enable you to get lower! Despite some minor hiccups earlier this week and each week before that, everyone still slay all day long!Inches When it comes to former communications director, “Keep telling it enjoy it is, Mooch. We like a nation love that you aren’t P.C. and/or fake. Enjoy that point off, babe. I think you’ll stand like Steve Bannon would.”

Possibly the worst indignity of? She got fired before he even formally began. “Scaramucci’s official start date was said to be August 15,” Fallon noted. “Or as Trump place it, ‘See?! We’re setting a lot of records!’”

Mama, I simply got canned
Barely reached the White-colored House
Stated some dumb stuff, now I’m out
Mama, my job had just begun
And today I’ve gone and tossed everything away
Mama, Moooooooch
Didn’t mean to result in outcry
I will not be to mooch this time around tomorrow
Keep on, keep on
With no old front-stabber

For why recently hired White-colored House Chief of Staff John Kelly let Scaramucci go, a resource told White-colored House reporter Jackie Alemany the upon the market Marine Corps general wanted “more structure, a smaller amount of Bet on Thrones.” But because Colbert stated, “That’s not really a fair comparison with Bet on Thrones, you need to wait an entire week for any new beheading.”

As awkward as job introductions could be, Jimmy Fallon guesses the exits are simply as awkward: “When Scaramucci known as an Uber to choose him up in the White-colored House, Sean Spicer was driving,” the comedian stated.

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