The brand new map is different from the present sole alpha map, Erangel, in certain key ways. It has some denser cities, together with a massive city far bigger than anything the sport has offered so far. But individuals areas are couple of and between, with Miramar favoring wider and much more open desert expanses and much more intricate, condensed skirmish areas filling the area between your large-scale metropolitan areas. (There’s, however, still a military base, that ought to appease fans of this particularly deadly drop place.)

Greene also confirmed on Twitter the new map includes extra exclusive products, including new weapons as well as an all-new off-road truck and jetski:

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp, the brand new spinoff company responsible for the fight royale-style PC hit, now revealed the its much anticipated new desert map, Miramar. The map would be the second new atmosphere for that 100-person free-for-all deathmatch title since its March launch on Steam’s “early access” platform. We’ve been aware of Miramar for quite a while, because the game’s titular lead designer Brendan Greene has teased it numerous occasions within the several weeks.

But in the Game Awards show today, viewers got the very first real, in-depth try looking in the official trailer. We had a December 20th release date for that map plus the game’s 1. update, that will view it exit “early access” and produce much-needed additions like vaulting together with graphical enhancements along with other changes.

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