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It’s rather operated by four small propellers, because it began out like a small quadcopter toy. Woodworth added the rocket’s fuselage, retracting landing gear, as well as an optional flame attachment to really make it appear a lot more like a rocket flying. In the right camera position, with no house or Adam without anyone’s knowledge revealing its scale, this rocket could almost pass as footage from the real Falcon 9 next time something goes completely wrong and SpaceX doesn’t want anybody to understand.

Produced by Adam Woodworth, who had been formerly accountable for creating a flying Episode 6 Speeder Bike replica, this Falcon 9 doesn’t carry any rocket fuel or any other explosives aboard, so there’s zero chance it’ll explode while touching lower on its floating foam launch pad.

You are able to make believe you be disappointed each time SpaceX’s Falcon 9 crashes throughout a landing attempt, but deep-down you realize a part of you really wants to see a surge. For this reason this video of the miniature flying SpaceX Falcon 9 drone is both awesome and disappointing, because there’s not going to be considered a fireball.

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