Ionizing radiation may be the very nasty stuff, the type that may bathe a planet’s surface when there’s little atmosphere. Absorbed radiation is generally measured in Grays (shortened to ‘Gy’), and also the human tolerance is generally around 4-10 Gy.

Which means that there might be existence hiding within the Martian soil, or perhaps other celestial physiques going swimming the solar system.

However, a new study on Lomonosov Moscow Condition University may have provided us a brand new hope.

The quest for extraterrestrial existence is finished up searching similar to Biology 101 than Prometheus. 

Rather of ancient alien megastructures, we are mostly searching for xenobacteria that may survive the tough radiation, thin atmospheres, and extreme temperature changes of other planets. Mars is a strong candidate for some time, but scientists had almost resigned themselves to the fact that whatever proof of existence we discover around the Red Planet, it is going to be past existence.

Based on the study:

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