But that can make deploying a medication tougher, because it won’t just be provided to those who are clearly very sick.

The Rand report doesn’t measure the financial impacts of the Alzheimer’s treatment on insurers, patients or Medicare, but implies that even making the drug quickly available right patients will strain the-care infrastructure if today’s workforce and infrastructure trends continue.

When there were cure for Alzheimer’s in 2020, the research discovered that people would need to wait annually . 5 for access due to a lack of specialists and equipment to identify and treat the condition.

An believed 15 million Americans are afflicted by mild cognitive impairment which may be an earlier manifestation of Alzheimer’s. When a treatment methods are available which can prevent or slow the condition, they will have to be screened.

Repeated high-profile Alzheimer’s drug failures make one factor more and more obvious: Once individuals are within the grip of dementia, it’s far too late. Any effective treatment most likely will have to be given once the disease is nascent — before it’s considerably eroded people’s recollections and personalities.

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