West Virginia is originating (eventually) within our college basketball top-25 countdown series. Follow along here.

The way you know we’re getting nearer to college basketball season: we’re at negligence the calendar where walk-ons are becoming awarded scholarships. This happened at New York with resident hat kingpin Shea Hurry earlier within the week.

Routt didn’t come in any games for West Virginia last season in a newcomer. Maybe that changes since he’s a complete ride.

Now it’s happened at West Virginia with big man Logan Routt.

Heartwarming. This remains certainly one of college basketball’s best traditions.

Routt is interesting athlete in the own right. At 6’11, he seemed to be a 3-year starter at quarterback around the football field and pitched like a baseball player during senior high school. It’s completely plausible that he’s the tallest person to ever play quarterback at any level.

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