Jon Dudley calls the Mountaineer Condition home now, but used to reside in the Zanesville community, but still has family here. Once Dudley saw the devastation first-submit West Virginia, he assisted organize together with his former church, the Trinity Lutheran Church, to assist collect donations.

The donations is going to be drawn in semi-truck to West Virginia on Sunday.

Dudley stated the flooding in West Virginia is worse than you simply see on television.

Donations is going to be collected in the church on Seventh Street through Sunday. Dudley stated they’re requesting food products, sponges, cleaning utility caddy, and gift certificates. And with regards to lending a helping hands, Dudley stated it’s remember this these are our neighbors.

“People have forfeit everything. Individuals have lost their cars, their properties, as well as their dignity,” stated Dudley. They’re a really prideful people. I’ve been towards the flooded areas. I’ve shoveled the dirt.”

“They are only a little further south across that little creek we call the Ohio River. They’re our neighbors in Christ, and our neighbors the following,Inches stated Dudley.

West Virginia

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – The flooding in West Virginia has had the lives in excess of 20 people and it has destroyed the homes and companies of others. Now, one former Zanesville resident does his part to assist pitch-in.

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