It was, perhaps, the most civilized court rush in the modern history of NCAA basketball.

“Court-storming is fine, but surely you can get security to the point where player safety is not involved like it is over here.”

The amazing thing about what happened at Ohio State is that it was not planned or directed. The students respected the court space as the MSU players departed toward their locker rooms, sang along from their seats as the band played the Buckeyes’ favorite song, and then made their move.

You know what happens next: The home team’s fans, especially the students, run onto the court, jump up and down and film the whole thing on their phones so they can post it later on Instagram.

That same year, journalist Randy Peterson of the Des Moines Register broke his leg when he was struck during a court storm at Iowa State.

In 2015, Kansas forward Jamari Traylor was struck by a Kansas State fan who surged onto the court and appeared to deliberately throw a shoulder into Traylor. KU coach Bill Self later was shoved up against the scorer’s table by the crush of fans and struggled to escape.

And no one was struck, either.

When No. 8 Texas Tech defeated No. 2 West Virginia in Lubbock, a result that hardly was shocking given Tech’s impressive string of victories this season, Red Raiders fans dashed onto the floor before the Mountaineers were allowed to leave. One of them bumped into a WVU player. The player then swung a punch at that fan.

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