The primary issue is that Kentucky may not be the very best team within the SEC. Florida and Texas A&ampM lead the greatest and finest number of challengers from that conference inside a lengthy time. The Wildcats may not similar to their seed, however they figure to become more tested than normal when the NCAAs begin.

However the 2017-18 season feels a little special, a minimum of in the game, with no one out of the game could be surprised if multiple teams that collected here on Tuesday are playing five several weeks from now in San Antonio’s Final Four. Let us go ahead and take participants, so as from the matchups, and plot their probably path and pitfalls between now and April:

What’s promising for Michigan Condition is the fact that Tom Izzo’s teams frequently have a couple of early protuberances before hitting their stride later around. We’ll learn more after Notre Dame visits East Lansing in the finish from the month. However the Big Ten slate does not look as friendly today for Sparty as it used to.

Probable season outcome: Final Four

The Jayhawks would be the Atlanta Braves of school basketball, there was nothing on the ground Tuesday night to alter that view: Kansas wins Big 12 titles (13 consecutively), piles up No. 1 seeds (seven of history 11 years) and fails to deliver within the NCAA tournament (one national title within the Bill Self era, as though this is a bad factor).

All in all, a repeat from the 2014-15 season — when three teams in the Champions Classic arrived at the ultimate Four in Indiana — does not compute. After Kentucky’s expected 40- coronation was thwarted by Wisconsin, couple of might keep in mind that season’s other national semifinal, by which Duke repeated its November drubbing of Michigan Condition.

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