You don’t want to overlook this directorial debut in the Orange May Be The New Black author Sian Heder, which reunites Juno stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney. The touching tale in regards to a New You are able to drifter (Page) who rescues an infant from an irresponsible mother has won rave reviews after screening at Sundance Festival this season.

The best TV rom-com. Who doesn’t love a little bit of Gavin &amplifier Stacey on the lazy Sunday mid-day? With James Cordon now a large hit in the usa, we doubt we’ll be seeing Smithy again in the near future, following the third and final series. Sob.

If indie flicks are the factor, this romantic drama starring Star Wars actress Alice Eve and Chris Evans is ideal. Two other people stuck in New You are able to for that night explore the town together – and can they return to their normal lives later on?

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Sofa sesh it’s, then.

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Looking forward to the Winona Ryder comeback? We’re along with you. The ‘90s icon has returned on the screens again, this time around starring in new US drama/thriller series, occur eighties Indiana. Fans of Twin Peaks will like that one.

Allow the weekend Netflix binge fest commence…

An ‘80s classic to celebrate the immortal genius of Bowie. This season marks 3 decades because the cult fantasy film debuted in cinemas in regards to a teenage girl (Jennifer Connelly) who wants to remain youthful while journeying via a maze to recuperate her brother or sister from the goblin king (David Bowie). A surreal ride.

This isn’t a drill! Lauren Graham also known as Lorelai Gilmore just introduced that we’ll have the ability to stream ALL SEVEN SEASONS in front of the anticipated Gilmore Women revival on Netflix in November. As well as for you GG newcomers – you’re in luck. The ‘00s show revolutionised the household drama, with two strong female leads – a quick-speaking mother and daughter duo – moving love, heartbreak and frightening new adventures. Forget Kylie Jenner, Rory Gilmore may be the ultimate teen icon.

If you are in the necessity of a great ol’ fashioned tearjerker, this really is up there. The film adaption of Josh Green’s best-selling book of the identical name stays in keeping with the novel, having a stellar lead (Ansel Egort, we like you) and supporting cast. If you’ve yet to look at this yet, er, you have to see it. Just saying.

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