Are you currently crying over wondering whether Frank Ocean’s next album, his follow-as much as Funnel Orange, is ever going to drop? Same. Thankfully, it’s searching such as the agony inducing wait has ended: Based on the artist’s website, Ocean’s latest album — Boys Don’t Cry — will stop by This summer. Yeah, that’s soon. So. Soon. The large news comes via Frank Ocean’s website, that was up-to-date the very first time since this past year on ‘life was imple’. Presently, it shows a library card using the last stamp marked as “This summer 2016.” (Regrettably, the actual date is scribbled over, but nonetheless. STILL.) That’s 29 days or fewer.

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Cleverly enough, the Link to the library card page reads “late.” A phone call to when Frank Sea initially teased his third album’s release date as This summer of 2015? An entire last year? I’d say this announcement — which album — really are a little past due, and it appears as though Sea concurs. Fans happen to be clamoring for that chance to hear audio in the artist because they have been guaranteed some not less than 12 several weeks now (and when we are all being honest, happen to be wishing/praying for many since 2012’s Funnel Orange). It’s most likely why a Twitter rumor about Boys Don’t Cry’s release date got so beyond control in June. (A indication: an entire slew of Twitter customers and fans believed Ocean’s album will come on June 3, because of an incorrect Tweet sent by one account. Hype could make you believe crazy things.)

Maybe some both, but whatever Frank Ocean’s doing (toying with this feelings, et. al), it has been a lengthy time coming, and i’ll say this. We are ready.

Boys Don’t Cry is going to be Ocean’s second studio album after his 2012 release Funnel Orange, a properly-received and acclaimed record that place the dynamic and gifted artist into the spotlight. Among then and today, Ocean’s launched a restricted edition rarities album (Unreleased, MISC) and it has made an appearance on the couple of other tunes, but continues to be taking his sweet, time, creating this long awaited follow-up. I am talking about, 4 years? Do you consider he did this simply to get us so amped and looking forward to the work? (If that’s the case, it’s working) Or did he just craft something so thoroughly perfect and golden it needed this lengthy to produce?

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