“His views and individuals from the group he represents are counter towards the core values of Texas A&ampM,” Cruz stated. “As they has got the right of freedom of expression, also will we have the authority to refute individuals views and start the daily business of the world-class college.” 

Regarding the event being held on Sept. 11, Wiginton stated it had been only a convenient day for scheduling also it did not have anything related to the anniversary from the 2001 terror attacks.

Wiginton, the organizer, told The Battalion the event in September would be to protest the liberal anti-white-colored agenda, including white-colored guilt leading to white-colored genocide. 

Amy Cruz, a Texas A&ampM spokeswoman, told The Battalion the college does not accept Wiginton or promote his actions. 

When The Battalion‘s editor-in-chief, Josh McCormack, requested Wiginton to mention cases of white-colored genocide, Wiginton responded that he’d need to get back with increased information later. 

“And yet another reason for the big event is to sponsor white-colored identity and white-colored pride by which white-colored lives matter,Inch he stated. “This isn’t an anti-brown event or anti-black event it is really an anti-liberal event.” 

Vandal writes in a single publish, “White-colored European men must notice that they face an enormous crisis losing not just their very own nations however the entire Western civilization their ancestors designed for them. If they don’t awaken for this threat, White-colored Europeans will gradually disappear in to the pages in history.Inch 

The protest is slated to incorporate Ken Reed of the Houston-based White-colored Lives Matter group and Sacco Vandal of “The Best Stuff” blog, The Battalion reported. 

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