It’s that simple. When we will find not one other method to show support, according to our conditions, we are able to a minimum of defend our fellow citizens by denouncing white-colored supremacy and all sorts of it means.

We have seen it in occasions like the attack on counter-protestors in Charlottesville. We have seen it within our for-profit prison system, where individuals of color are targeted and enslaved. We had it within the Fight against Drugs, a movement that aimed to eliminate the roads of black people underneath the guise of ridding the roads of crime. We had it within the 2016 presidential campaign, when prominent people of white-colored supremacist groups openly supported Jesse Trump, and then, when Trump filled his cabinet with those who have histories of creating racist statements (or, within the situation of Steve Bannon, getting explicit ties to white-colored supremacist groups).

So, fellow white-colored people ― my message for you is that this.

Are you going to fully stand up? Are you going to say something? Are you going to spread a legacy of affection and acceptance?

Fellow white-colored people: are you going to fare better than our president? Please?

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