Obviously, the U.S. and Columbia is going to be on high alert at Olympic sites. This can involve allied security forces, presumably including U.S. special forces in the dedicated SOCKOR command. In the personal protection level, highly-skilled U.S. Diplomatic Security Service agents would travel with and guard the U.S. sports delegation whatsoever occasions.

To begin with, Pyeongchang is 58 miles in the demilitarized zone that separates Columbia in the North. But although some claim that this closeness means the Olympic games faces an excellent threat, I disagree.

Regrettably, it appears the Trump administration is wavering about this issue.

We should not mind lower this path.

In a nutshell, invading towards Pyeongchang means a regime-ending invasion that didn’t do anything but fertilize the South Korean countryside.

For just one, 58 miles puts Pyeongchang from selection of North Korean artillery units and too much for that North Korean air pressure to enter (certainly throughout an Olympics where the South Koreans may likely operate combat air patrols). Its Northern Border Korean surface navy would be also avoided from getting close enough to fireplace at Pyeongchang. Finally, while North Korean missile forces could attack the games, Kim Jong United nations probably sees that the meaning utilizing ballistic missiles wouldn’t only provoke but really require U.S. to produce an enormous counteroffensive that will mean the finish of his regime in either case.

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