VT’s utilization of thief differs, also it shifts round the stress points of the 4-2-5 structure. They’ll play two-read, a kind of four-deep coverage that may become cover 2 when needed and uses the nickel (or even the “whip” in Hokie parlance) and boundary corner to tend the perimeters (W and left C below):

Virginia Tech is facing a difficult start after QB Jerod Evans left early for that National football league. But because of their placement within the ACC Seaside, there is a shot at making the ACC title game again. West Virginia emerged lacking its first Big 12 title however connect Florida transfer QB Will Grier, which will have a major impact.

Once more, the benefit is that if Virginia Tech can push the Mountaineers around in advance to negate the skill and experience advantages around the perimeter. The Hokies haven’t been an imposing running team inside a lengthy time, however this OL returns three senior starters while plugging inside a former blue-chipper at left tackle in Yosuah Nijman. They have to maul an undersized front like West Virginia’s, otherwise the Mountaineers will outnumber their youthful QB.

A look at Jackson’s senior high school highlights reveals a person with the right skills with this system.

The fight between Grier’s lasers as well as an experienced and sports Hokie secondary would be the heavyweight bout. However, even when Grier can pressure the Hokies to experience conservative coverages, the Virginia Tech front six can always handle the Mountaineer run game without the assistance of a downhill safety.

Like the majority of 4-2 teams, they are able to combine, playing thief to 1 side and also the more conservative coverage to another. Most 4-2-5 teams play thief around the boundary (along side it nearer to the sideline) against just one-WR side, although not wide and never against twin-receiver sets. Virginia Tech has couple of compunctions about playing thief against twins and daring teams to throw outdoors the hash marks on the cornerback like Brandon Facyson.

West Virginia’s spread-I offense attacks the soft spots attending college defenses, mixing two-back inside runs with play action and throws outdoors, all more and more like the Art Briles veer-and-shoot offense. Lead running back Justin Crawford ran for 1,184 yards this past year at 7.3 yards per carry while combined with Skyler Howard at QB. Grier could punish teams for loading as much as stop Crawford.

Both Tony Gibson’s West Virginia defense and Foster’s at VT are fairly unique across nfl and college football. I noted when praising Foster’s run of results that his utilization of thief coverage helps make the Hokies unique even while they’ve evolved their 4-4 defense right into a 4-2-5 similar to what all of those other nation uses.

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