“I’m just saying, it’s difficult and upsetting that i can wrap my mind around it,” she stated. “I simply never heard anything like this about him. But, again, Personally i think like even stating that, I will get dying risks or something like that. I’m this is not on social networking, so perhaps I’ll be able to escape.”

The star from the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ dated Depp for 4 years.

Ryder stressed she wasn’t implying Heard was laying about her situation as well as speaking about this couple’s receding made her nervous. 

Ryder, star from the Netflix series Stranger Things, stressed within an interview with Time magazine published online Monday that they can just talk about her personal expertise with Depp, that was “extremely different” compared to accusations Depp faces from Heard, who asked for a constraint order days ago when she declared divorce. 

Heard has accused Depp of having physical together with her on multiple occasions and created photos of injuries allegedly produced by Depp when she declared a constraint order in La at the end of May. 

Depp’s lawyers stated their client is innocent of all of the accusations, that they accused Heard about fabricating for financial gain. 

Winona Ryder lately opened up up about her past partnership with The Actor-brad Pitt around the heels from the Alice With the Searching Glass star being charged with domestic violence by his estranged wife, Amber Heard. 

Ryder, now 44, was 17 when she first met Depp, she stated. 

“I am talking about, he never was, never this way towards me,” Ryder told Time. “Never abusive whatsoever towards me. I can just learn him as an excellent, loving, caring guy who’s very, very protective of those he loves. It’s hard since i seem like — that’s my experience. And it is been a really lengthy time.” 

Winona Ryder, star from the Netlfix series ‘Stranger Things’.

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