Matt Frey and Krista Deutsch-Frey felt like celebrities in the Wisconsin party.

Wisconsin fans within the visitors’ section were given a scrumptious treat throughout the game, too. Stadium employees passed out free glasses of frozen treats in the BYU Creamery like a welcoming gesture.

The great-natured couple outfitted as pretend Mormon missionaries, humorously calling themselves Elder Bucky and Sister Becky (in recognition from the school mascot along with a short-resided female friend). They used white-colored shirts, ties, bike helmets (safety first!) and homemade black name tags that aptly stated “The College of Wisconsin Madison” rather of “The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints.”

Twelve approximately Cougar fans contacted the Bussians and treated these questions way visiting football fans aren’t always familiar with receiving treatment on the highway: nicely.

“Everybody in the game was great. We parked at the house of some BYU fans plus they requested to obtain their picture taken around,Inch Frey stated. “We’ve got a couple of sideways glances in the game, however in all everybody really was awesome about this. Provo did a fantastic job of creating us feel welcomed.”

To summarize Saturday:

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