Ms MacLachlan were left with a bruise on her behalf face, red marks on her behalf neck and grazed knees, her camera also was smashed and storage device stolen.

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Maria MacLachlan, a ‘gender critical feminist’, was attacked at Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park at approximately 7pm on Wednesday.

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‘I thought, “I can film this, it will likely be interesting.” These were getting louder and louder. Then all of a sudden someone attempted to seize my camera. It had been frightening. Someone stored looking to get my camera. It would be a girl, however i couldn’t tell simply because they were built with a hoodie over their eyes.’

She is at Hyde Park with 50 fellow TERFs waiting to discover a secret place for a chat titled What’s Gender? The Gender Recognition Act And Beyond.

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TERFS believe that trans women aren’t real women and cannot get exactly the same legal rights.

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