England captain Emily Scarratt talking with ITV: “It had been an excellent day. There’s plenty to enhance let’s focus on a large game from the USA.

“Following the first half we announced added impetus. Italia put everything at we and us had to try and break them lower.

So when the ball went wide outdoors center Scarratt and also the lively back three of Waterman, Thompson and Wilson-Sturdy all looked threatening and required the opportunity to increase their try tallies for England.

Rachael Burford motivated well in midfield and Katy Mclean pulled the strings effectively when she came on at 10 for that other half.

Protecting champions England managed to get two wins from two in Women’s Rugby World Cup Pool B because they outclassed Italia.

England: Danielle Waterman Lydia Thompson, Emily Scarratt, Rachael Burford, Amy Wilson-Sturdy Amber Reed, Natasha Search Rochelle Clark, Amy Cokayne, Justine Lucas, Tamara Taylor, Zoe Aldcroft, Izzy Noel-Cruz, Marlie Packer, Alex Matthews.

“We’d good quality spells and people walked up and demonstrated us the things they can perform. We are always striving to higher though.”

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