Big Little Lies
The Crown
Feud: Bette and Joan
Bet on Thrones
The Great Place
The Handmaid’s Tale
Master of None
Stranger Things 2
This really is Us

2 yrs ago, the AFI delayed voting on its year-finish list to provide critics an opportunity to see The Exorcist: The Pressure Awakens, so it subsequently incorporated on its listing of the ten best films of 2015. However, this season, the most recent The Exorcist film, The Final Jedi, which will hit theaters on 12 ,. 15, was nowhere found on AFI’s list.   

The Vietnam War

The American Film Institute has selected its ten best movies and television shows of the season. The titles, presented from a to z, are works AFI’s juries have determined advance the skill of the moving image, boost the cultural heritage of America’s talent, inspire audiences and artists making a mark on American society.

AFI Television Programs of the season

The entire listing of the 2010 honorees follows.

AFI Movies of the season

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