While both medical and recreational me is now permitted, workers still cannot use marijuana before or during work. Workers can nonetheless be drug tested and fired for failing a medication test if it’s not a part of an authorized treatment for a clinical condition. 

In a long time because this complaint was filed, Massachusetts residents dicated to approve the recreational utilization of marijuana, joining four other states where it had been formerly legalized. 

Citing the Massachusetts Medicinal Marijuana Act, a legal court claims that patients shall ‘t be denied “any right or privilege” due to marijuana use. 

The Massachusetts Medicinal Marijuana Act passed this year claims that “qualifying patients” shouldn’t be punished under condition law for medical utilization of marijuana. 

She didn’t use marijuana daily nor would she consume it before or during work, based on court papers. 

Following her complaint, Advantage Marketing and advertising claimed that Barbuto didn’t make her handicapped status obvious and – if it absolutely was obvious – she could have been ended as all workers are needed to pass through a medication test. 

Barbuto is affected with Crohn’s disease, a gastrointestinal condition that induce weight reduction. Because of her condition, Barbuto has “little if any appetite,” and struggles to keep her weight, something made simpler with marijuana use, based on court papers. 

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