Both China and Pakistan are denying the speculation. An unnamed Pakistani official is quoted as saying, “Pakistan Navy is well-equipped to handle the security of Chinese shipments, and we will manage the security of the shipments effectively.”

Unfortunately, such assurances by China are completely laughable, since China has pretty much zero credibility about anything. When China began building illegal artificial islands in the South China Sea, they insisted that they were purely for commercial use, and would be popular tourist attractions. That was simply a lie. Today, those islands are full-fledged military bases, bristling with Chinese missiles, warplanes, radars, bunkers, and other military equipment. No tourists are welcome.

So now NATO is asking Pakistan to allow its military supplies for Afghanistan to transit through Gwadar port, and Pakistan is said to be considering the question. Presumably, one of the issues that Pakistani officials are considering is this: Gwadar is supposed to be a commercial port, so let’s make some money from it by allowing NATO shipments, and then use that money to pay off the humongous debt we owe to China. Whether China will be happy with that solution remains to be seen.

Generational Dynamics predicts that in the approaching Clash of Civilizations world war, the “axis” of China, Pakistan and the Sunni Muslim countries will be pitted against the “allies,” the US, India, Russia. Iran and the West. Asia Times and Jamestown and VOA and Daily Pakistan and Value Walk and The Hindu

So US-Pakistan relations weathered those crises, and have apparently weathered the current crisis, and things are going on as before. and Al Jazeera and Dawn (Pakistan)

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China-built Gwadar port in Pakistan
China-built Gwadar port in Pakistan

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