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[리뷰] ‘Petit Maman’ The beauty of a feminine relationship based on blood and friendship

Despite the raucous expectations poured in after Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019), director Celine Sciamma did not lose attention and took the emphasis. Petit Maman> tells us that it is not Celine Siama’s interest in how to respond to visible indicators by expanding the scale of genres and productions. Whereas the director’s early works explored gender and sexual orientation and imprinted a keen interest in the artist, Petit Mamant addresses the mourning of the female relationship formed by blood and friendship. It seems simple, but it is a movie that opens the door to a more mysterious inner world and awaits us.

The film follows the quiet days of Nelly (Josephine Sans) who visits her grandmother’s nursing home and country house one after another with her parents. In the eyes of an 8-year-old girl, her grandmother is nowhere to be seen, and her silent mother’s back often looks sad. After her mother Marion (Nina Meuriz), who was cleaning out her grandmother’s belongings, suddenly leaves one morning, Nelly runs into a girl next door (Gabrielle Sans) who has the same name as her mother Marion in the woods. Two girls of the same height, size, and hair color, who like to build a hut with branches, quickly become best friends, as they have known for a long time.

A secluded house surrounded by forests and rivers, <쁘띠 마망>In a monotonous finite space, the film creates an amazing moment of connection in a way that only cinema can do. Memories and imagination, mourning and aspirations are gently mixed together, and it seems as if wings are spread over the shoulder of an 8-year-old girl. This brave adventure story that connects grandmother, mother, and us as one, communicates precisely about the attachment and bond between women and, as a form, transcends space and tense while clearing the boundaries of surrealism. in short <쁘띠 마망>It is a rare canvas of Celine Siama, who forms a cinematic gaze by exquisitely responding or repeating shots with a silver composition. His magic of arranging miracles with his neat hand comforts even the personal experiences of each audience member.


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