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2 Days Lost Girl Found Thanks to Viral Hand Gesture on TikTok

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com A girl in the US has reportedly survived because of a hand gesture that went viral on TikTok after she was declared missing.

The teenager was initially reported missing by his parents in North Carolina on Tuesday (11/2/2021), and was found in a car in Kentucky two days later.

He uses gestures to describe him as a victim of violence, and manages to get the attention of road users.

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“I need help. Domestic violence,” the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The car driver who immediately understood because the gesture went viral on TikTok immediately contacted the authorities.

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Reported BBC, Monday (11/8/2021), local authorities said they not only rescued the girl, but also arrested a 61-year-old man.

The driver revealed that the victim seemed to be in danger while in the car of the perpetrator, James Herbert Brick.

The victim, who has not been named, said he was taken through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio.

Signal for help

According to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the hand gesture is a sign that can be used if the victim feels threatened.

The trick, the victim raises his palm forward, inserts his thumb, and folds it with the other four fingers.

His campaign, called “signal for help”, went viral throughout 2020, when a number of countries implemented lockdowns amid Covid-19.

At that time, cases of domestic violence were rampant so that victims who needed help could get it without attracting the attention of the perpetrators.

A video demonstrating the sign also gained momentum after the murder of a woman named Sarah Everard.

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