282 people arrested in France for altercations with Algerian fans


The French police stopped last night 282 people involved in the altercations that occurred in various cities of the country with Algerian fans during the celebration of the National Holiday.

The Ministry of the Interior specified that most of the arrests took place in Paris and that 249 of these persons were taken into custody at the police station.

Algeria, classified

In the capital, thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate the classification of Algeria in the end of the African Cup of Nations, in particular in the neighborhood of the Elysian Fields where they were mixed with tourists who had come to see the Fireworks of the French National Holiday.

The situation degenerated at dawn on several occasions, with clashes with law enforcement that used tear gas.

There were also riots in Lyon and in Marseilles, where several cars burned, as well as bus stops and bins.


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