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3 Benefits of Night Running for Health, Can Make Sleeping Good

KOMPAS.com – Usually, running is done in the morning, before the sun is too high and the air is still cool.

However, some people choose to run at night rather than in the morning or afternoon.

This could be due to a hectic schedule in the morning, energy preferences, lifestyle, or other factors.

So, does running at night have a different effect on body health than running in the morning?

Reported from Healthline, January 16, 2020, here are the benefits of running at night for health.

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1. Sleep better

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People who exercise at night may have more restful and quality sleep.

Night runs are ideal for people who tire easily after a run so they can sleep afterward.

Research in 2019 says that exercise at night can have a positive effect on sleep.

However, if nightly exercise is done less than an hour before bedtime, this will have a negative impact on sleep patterns.

After a night run, you should clean the body with a warm bath to help the body and mind relax so that you will sleep better.

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2. Relieve stress

Ending the day with exercise is one way to release tension, stress, and anxiety.

By running at night, a person can better organize his thoughts so that when his head touches the pillow, the mind feels clearer and lighter.

Running can lower blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, and promote a sense of calm.

The release of endorphins is also able to improve a bad mood and reduce depression.

3. Suitable for people with stiff joints

For people who experience stiff muscles and joints every waking up, night running can be an ideal exercise choice.

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In the morning, the body may not be ready for intense exercise because the body feels more rigid and inflexible.

At night, the body is “warm” because it has been active all day so it is more ready to do sports.

Some people also have better muscle control and coordination at night, so night running is their sport of choice.

Although running at night has health benefits, keep your personal condition in mind and choose the most appropriate exercise time.

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Make exercise goals, whether you want to improve endurance health, mental health, or strength.

Thus, a person can more easily determine the type and time of exercise that is right for him.


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