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6 Ways to Contact Lecturers, New Students Must Know Page all

KOMPAS.com – New students, during the Covid-19 pandemic, of course you will still continue to apply online lectures. But now, some campuses have started to open face-to-face lecture options.

That is, you will interact with college friends and lecturers more closely than through online. Of course, when in class later there is a need to communicate with lecturers which increases when there are assignments compared to online.

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However, to contact lecturers there are ethics that must be understood by students. It’s different when you get lectures from lecturers online. Including, you have to understand that contacting the lecturer is of course impossible to use casual language in everyday interactions.

So as not to offend lecturers, whether face-to-face or contacting online, there are tips for you on how to contact a good and polite lecturer.

Quoted from the official Twitter of the Directorate General of Diktiristek Kemendikbud Ristek, the following are important things that need to be considered when sending messages to lecturers so that students no longer need to be afraid or confused.

1. Find the Right Time

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Make sure the time you choose is working hours. Do not be too late so as not to disturb. Also make sure you don’t keep sending messages in the near future. Wait for your teacher to reply.

2. Say hello first

It is very important for students to say hello. Don’t be direct to the point write what you want from the lecturer. Saying hello, part of ethics.

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Whether to lecturers, family, friends, greetings are the main thing when meeting. Say hello at the beginning of the sentence by adjusting the time in sending the message

3. Introduce Yourself

However, introducing yourself remains a part of ethics. Never mind the lecturer. Even when you meet other people, if you don’t introduce yourself, it will certainly feel bad and other people won’t try to understand you either.

Introduce yourself by mentioning your name, year of class, department and subject in question before saying the intent and purpose

4. Use Good and True Language

This point is also the main point. Pay attention to the use of language style and good punctuation, and keep it in a formal context.

Use good language, improve good and directed communication. Including being able to give a good impression to the lecturer when interacting with you.

5. Deliver Your Message Clearly

Do not send messages that are convoluted and difficult to understand, make sure to always convey the point of the message clearly.

However, lecturers also have high interaction, not only you. There are still many students who contact lecturers, including between lecturers, and other parties. A good message, to the point, will certainly immediately attract the attention of your lecturer.

6. Sorry and Thank You

Always insert the word sorry at the beginning of the sentence and thank you at the end of the sentence to show humility. This is a basic ethic that is not only aimed at lecturers. To anyone, get in the habit of saying this. Of course, paying attention to this ethics will help you communicate more intensely with lecturers.

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