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7.1 Experts with a solemn expression on the senior officials of the party celebration: Xi Xiang mourns the eulogy | Tiananmen Square | Xi Jinping | The Centennial Party Celebration of the Communist Party of China

[Epoch Times News on July 1, 2021](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya) On July 1, a large-scale event was held in Tiananmen Square for the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, including Xi Jinping and the Seventh Standing Committee, who appeared on the Tiananmen Gate, had a black face and a solemn expression. Experts said that Xi Jinping’s speech was like a eulogy. Some scholars believe that the existence of the Chinese Communist Party for a hundred years is a shame to all Chinese people.

The day before (June 30), Beijing issued three warnings for thunder and lightning, hail and gale at the same time. There were lightning and thunder, rain and strong winds in many places, and hail fell in Haidian and Mentougou. 7.1 When Xi Jinping delivered a speech that day, Tiangong was not beautiful again, and when it started to rain, the audience put on raincoats one after another. The whole event scene was quite embarrassed.

The Chinese Communist Party 7.1 Tiananmen Party Day, during Xi Jinping’s speech, it started to rain. Netizens describe that God can’t see it. (Video screenshot)

Expert: Xi’an manuscript is like a eulogy

On the morning of July 1st, the President of the Communist Party of China and Party Secretary Xi Jinping led CCP officials to the Tiananmen Gate Tower. To his right was Li Keqiang and Hu Jintao on his left. These officials had dark faces in the face of the live broadcast, and their expressions were dignified and even enraged.

When Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the Tiananmen Gate, the political commentator Chen Pokong said that there was no smile on his face, like a eulogy.

Except for the absence of former party leader Jiang Zemin, among the retired CCP’s senior leaders, the former prime minister Zhu Rongji also did not show up.

Wen Jiabao attended today’s event, and his ranking was obviously squeezed out by the authorities. In the list of leaders attending today, his name was not read at the scene.

On the occasion of the Qingming Festival in April this year, Wen Jiabao issued a long article in memory of his mother, talking about the disasters of the Cultural Revolution and traditional education to make people understand the truth. It is like thunder on the ground when the mainland is completely silent.

The political commentator Hu Ping said at the time that Wen Jiabao’s re-citing of the ugliness of the Cultural Revolution is equivalent to not opening the pot, which vaguely contains a kind of criticism of what Xi Jinping is doing now.

Some of the leaders who attended the 7.1 Party Celebration of the Communist Party of China. (Video screenshot, Epoch Synthesis)

The Central Propaganda Department turns Tiananmen Square into a North Korean celebration

The scene of the entire Tiananmen Square today, Chen Pokong described in a live broadcast from the media, is exactly the same as the celebration in Pyongyang, North Korea. “Wang Huning and Xi Jinping, who are in charge of ideology, have worked hard for nearly a decade to finally make China a perfect North Korean version. The clothes people wear, the songs they sing, the postures they make, and the colorful sections on the square are very similar.”

He also believes that Xi Jinping put on Kim Jong-un-style clothing and assumed a Kim Jong-un-style posture, and then displayed “the grand occasion of North Korea” in Tiananmen Square. “No matter what Xi Jinping said, he condensed into one line and officially declared the birth of West Korea.”

Netizens also ridiculed the authorities: “I thought that North Korea was our past, but now I know that North Korea is our future.”

During the centennial celebration of the Communist Party of China, the large-scale Tiananmen Square event lost its color in the wind and rain, and it was so gray that it was difficult to see. (Video screenshot)

Mainland media person: The CCP is an illegal organization and needs to register with the Ministry of Civil Affairs

Mainland media people who are inconvenient to sign told The Epoch Times that the CCP, as the ruling party, has not registered with the civil affairs department so far. Is it an illegal organization?

He further analyzed that a civilized and democratic political party is not only a democratic but also a very tolerant institution. “Such an institution must first be registered with the civil affairs department. You have been there for a hundred years. First of all, you must take the lead by complying. The laws and regulations of this society should first be registered, and after registration, they should be managed in the same way as the society, and subject to social supervision, including disclosure of your financial issues.”

The second point is that as a political party in any modern society, you should not regard yourself as an eternal ruling party, you must also have a tenure awareness, and you must also have a sense of how to win the trust and authorization of the people. If the people don’t trust and authorize, will they be able to step down gracefully?

The third point is that as a political party in a modern civilized society, if it is not a triad, it should be a very tolerant structure, allowing anyone to apply to join, and at the same time allowing anyone to leave because of different political opinions.

He also quoted the meaning of “one declining and the other increasing” in the Book of Changes, saying that when affairs reach a certain extreme, they may be transformed. “So I think it might be the next one or two years, the 20th National Congress of the next year, maybe some forced changes may happen overnight, because if Xi Jinping continues to turn left and continues to reverse, the car will most likely be overturned. . This possibility is still relatively large.”

Netizens shelling that the CCP has existed for a hundred years is a human shame

7.1 The day before, “thunder and lightning, hail, and strong wind” fell at the same time to reach the point of advance warning. Today, during Xi Jinping’s speech, it rained again.

Netizen “News/Truth” said that Xi Jinping read the manuscript, “As soon as you finish speaking, if you don’t engage in confrontation, God will rain, and you will confront you abruptly. As soon as you say you don’t engage in closure, everyone puts on raincoats. This is the best today. There is a level of advanced black”.

Some netizens responded in a post saying, “God can’t stand it anymore.”

Netizen “Xiang Lin” believes that the Chinese Communist Party has used violence and lies to deceive power for more than 70 years. It has committed the suppression of counter-revolutionary, anti-rightist movements, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, the June Fourth Massacre, and plans. Crimes such as childbirth have caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.

He emphasized, “Such a political party stained with Chinese blood can survive for a hundred years. It is a shame to all Chinese people! It is the responsibility of all Chinese to overthrow the CCP’s tyranny!”

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