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7 Benefits of Handwriting for Child Development

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

In an age where laptops and tablets have taken center stage, write by hand is becoming a practice that is starting to be abandoned. Digital devices have made typing a more conventional method of taking notes and data.

However, new research shows that handwriting is an important skill and has several benefits.

The activity of writing by hand helps children improve their memory, thus increasing their creativity. In addition, writing by hand is a major developmental skill for children.

Here are some of the benefits of writing by hand for children, as reported AsiaOne.

1. Relieves stress, depression and anxiety

Writing by hand increases activity in a part of the brain similar to meditation.

In fact, research reveals that writing about stressful experiences can produce more therapeutic benefits such as relieving stress and fighting depressive thoughts.

When you write about how you feel every day for 15 to 30 minutes, it can produce measurable physical and mental health benefits. Studies call this writing medicine.

2. Increase focus

If you find your child distracted and having trouble concentrating, try some handwriting exercises. This includes writing down their thoughts, or simply drawing or writing a few sentences in a notebook.

Writing by hand not only helps children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), it also helps children improve their general concentration.

This is because the process of writing uses a specific part of the brain that acts as a filter. This blocks irrelevant information and helps the writer focus.

3. Improve hand-eye coordination

Writing by hand is also a great way to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

The gestures for each letter are different, so it’s more mentally demanding than pressing the keys for each letter on the keyboard.

4. Helps express better

At times, you may find that your child has a hard time conveying certain feelings or expressions, but he can communicate better when they have pen and paper in front of him.

Writing by hand helps avoid feeling tongue-tied and teaches you the art of carefully refining your thoughts.

5. Stimulate the brain

Writing by hand uses more of your brain and integrates thinking, movement and sensation.

It can also improve a person’s memory and help a person retain newer information for a longer time.

So, handwriting involves rich sensory motor experiences that help stimulate your child’s brain. This is why it is often a method of learning and memorizing.

6. Increase creativity

Writing by hand helps you think outside the box. This gives you space to better express yourself and provides avenues where you can convey the same thing differently.

It also helps a person go through their thoughts over and over again. One study even proved that children who were assigned to write essays by hand expressed more ideas than those who typed on the keyboard.

7. Improve memory

Researchers noted that physical activities such as handwriting use complex nerves and muscles. This sends sensory feedback to the brain.

The more complex the feedback, the easier it is for the brain to retain memories.


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