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-82% on the Surfshark subscription!

On the occasion of special sales on tech products, the VPN provider Surfshark is also offering a unique discount to showcase its service and the power of its virtual private networks.

Save and take advantage of the latest deals and tips to buy at the best price.

While many French people feel “safe” from the moment they use Wi-Fi, connection speed and range
Operating with radio waves in a band of … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/d/4/8/d48b1cf06d_105288_wifi-def.jpg “data- url = “https://news.google.com/tech/definitions/internet-wi-fi-1648/” data-more = “Read more”>WiFi deprived of their home, cyber attacks and disturbing business maneuvers keep increasing! Contrary to popular belief, online threats are real and can affect anyone.

A VPN protects against many online threats

Daily, the role of a VPN (virtual private network) is to protect our connected objects as well as our personal data:

  • drastically reduce the risk of hacking and the theft of sensitive data;
  • protect against phishing and Malware: viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware, etc.
    The malware is an umbrella term that … “data-image =” https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/f/7/5/f75a494d68_108334_malware-def.jpg “data-url = “https://news.google.com/tech/definitions/securite-malware-2542/” data-more = “Read more”>malware ;
  • preserve advertising manipulations that push us to consume more and more by using our navigation information;
  • avoid price discrimination, in particular for booking travel.

And this is only part of the advantages of VPN. We must also take into account the possibility of accessing content that is not available in France through traditional channels. With the virtual IP functionality, VPNs offer us the possibility of watching VOD content that is not yet available in France.

Surfshark is strong for French Days !

For a week, the major French brands market exceptional promotions. And this is the case of Surfshark which offers an exclusive discount for its subscription:

  • 82% reduction and three months free for the 27-month subscription, for a monthly cost of … € 1.86! This rate seems ridiculous when you take into consideration all the peace of mind and security guaranteed to you using a VPN.

The offer starts Thursday, May 27 at 7 a.m. and also ends Wednesday, June 2 at 7 a.m. To benefit from this competitive offer, you must follow the link below.

To note : This special promo does not appear on the site Internet Surfshark.

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