a cruise ship comes close to the drama in Venice


Caught in the storm on Sunday, July 7, a huge ocean liner almost collided with the wharf and other boats in Venice, Italy. The captain was forced to activate the emergency siren, just before grazing the terrace of a restaurant located on the dock, under the eyes amazed customers. In maritime language it means that all those who are in the path of the boat must escape and quickly. Miraculously, no collision has occurred. The tugs caught up with the ship as it headed straight for a yacht. The worst is narrowly avoided.

In Venice, anger swells. Five weeks before this accident, another cruise ship could not stop. He had hit a passenger boat as he attempted to moor, causing four injuries and causing panic on the wharf. Repeated accidents that call into question the validity of the navigation of these floating buildings in the heart of Venice. Every month, protesters meet to express their dissatisfaction. The construction of a new marine terminal has been decided, but implementation is slow to materialize. It must be said that cruise passengers report each year 285 million euros to local trade.

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