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a dead man, he is a young worker in his twenties

“There was a problem with the oven during the production process. He got carried away and overheated. Before opening the oven, you should normally wait for the temperature to drop to an acceptable level. When it was opened, certain gases were released and mixed with oxygen. This is what caused the explosion. A worker, a young man in his twenties from Heers who was near the oven, was killed. Four other workers were taken to hospital for observation. The employees received psychological support, ”said the mayor of Heusden-Zolder, Mario Borremans (N-VA). The labor inspectorate has been informed.

Firefighters and emergency services attended the scene and all company employees were evacuated. The medical intervention plan was initiated, then lifted around 9:30 am. Production is also at a standstill.

Area residents were advised to keep windows and doors closed and not to use ventilation systems. In the meantime, it was clarified that there was no danger to health or the environment.


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