A drone records from inside the famous giant waves of Nazaré


The Portuguese town of Nazaré enjoys today worldwide fame. The reason is the immense waves that form in its 'Praia do Norte', recognized as the largest on the planet and that each season are a claim for the most skilled (and brave) surfers in the world.

The particular shape of its coast makes the currents form the most impressive water walls ever surfed, meat of viral videos on social networks for its spectacularity.

The month of November is an auspicious time to see those giant waves and has already seen the world record of the largest wave ever surfed on several occasions.

That is why these days is in Nazaré a recording team that, with a drone, has documented what happens there from a totally new point of view, leaving absolutely stunning images. . (tagsToTranslate) waves (t) nazare (t) drone


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