a feminine thriller in the line of "Nikita"


A film by Luc Besson, good or not, is always an event. His new movie "Anna" is rather a good vintage.

After the half-failure of Valerian, Anna, the new Luc Besson, should find his audience. Even if he's eyeing his side Nikita of 1990 and Red Sparow (Francis Lawrence) released last year, the most international French director makes an effective thriller for women. On the screens on Wednesday, July 10th.

Pathé Distribution

This is the advertising hook of the film. Anna is by turns a saleswoman on a market, top model, in love, killer … In the service of the KGB, she wears all the avatars to carry out her missions around the world. Until the manipulated becomes manipulator to get out of its nest.

Luc Besson prefers heroines. Nikita, Liloo in The fifth Element, Lucy… Now Anna. Three of his titles bear a female name. A trilogy? Too bad his new movie reminds a lot Nikita by taking over elements of Red Sparow. He remakes a thriller. Well done, but "pumped". It would have been a western, Besson would have addressed all major genres in the female after the thriller and the S-F (fantastic). Too bad he misses the mark.

Luc Besson is a good director, a good producer, but does not know how to write. As he writes his scripts and dialogues, this leaves the only technical part for the benefit of his films. He has strong subjects and characters, but develops them badly. This does not prevent him from meeting a wide audience, and sprinkling qualities his work. But he does not know how to write. The proof is how much he draws from his peers in his scenarios. However, Besson to the solution …

Helen Mirren in "Anna", Luc Besson's thriller. (SHANNA BESSON)

His major asset is Thierry Arbogast, his director of photography since Nikita in 1990. One of the best "chef-op" worldwide. Always wide screen (scope), framed to the millimeter, illuminated with the photon, the image values ​​the visual impact to the detriment of the direction. Packaged in a rigging by the regular Julien Rey house, this is called efficiency. Warning: Anna kills a lot. But we stay clean. Faced with thirty killers in a corridor, she shoots them all, in pretty choreographies, out of a video game.

With the discovery of Sasha Luss (Anna) in a very physical performance, and its constant action, the film is especially worthwhile by the presence of Helen Mirren (The Queen. Unrecognizable, she plays in her role of laying KGB, implacable and unpredictable. She is visibly delighted to participate in a perfect movie for the summer. Spectacular and entertaining

The poster of Luc Besson's film "Anna". (Pathé Distribution)

Kind : Thriller
Director : Luc Besson
cast : Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, Alexander Cillian Murphy, Alexander Petrov

Country : La France
duration : 1h59
Exit : July 10, 2019
Distributor : Pathé Distribution
Synopsis : The Matryoshka are Russian dolls that fit into each other. Each doll hides another. Anna is a pretty 24 year old woman, but who is she really and how many women are hiding in her? Is she a simple doll saleswoman on the Moscow market? A supermodel parading in Paris? A slayer who bloodies Milan? A corrupt cop? A double agent? Or just a formidable chess player? It will be necessary to wait until the end of the game to know who is really Anna and who is "checkmate".


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