A minor was arrested for passing drugs with a remote control car across the U.S. and Mexico border


A 16-year-old was arrested by the US Border Patrol for using a remote remote control car to introduce several packages of methamphetamine into the country across the border between San Diego (California) and Tijuana (Mexico), said Tuesday agency.

The Border Patrol began that last Sunday several federal agents observed a person carrying two suitcases while walking along the second dividing fence between the two countries. This second wall is nine meters high and is approximately six meters from the initial fence that was recently replaced in the San Diego sector, the Patrol said in a statement.

Although the teenager, a US citizen, was trying to hide from the agents, they notified other elements of the federal agency, who located the young man behind a bush. The teenager had a remote-controlled car with him, from which the body had been removed to accommodate drug packages in the available space.

In the two suitcases, the uniformed found 50 packages of methamphetamines with a total weight of 25 kilograms. According to the agency, the total value of the drug in the United States is estimated at more than $ 106,000. The teenager was arrested and taken to a Border Patrol station, from where he will be referred to the Prosecutor's Office to be charged with narcotics trafficking.

A few days ago, the San Diego Border Patrol sector reported an increase in drug seizure during the last month of October, the first month of fiscal year 2020, compared to September.

The agency seized 32 kilograms of cocaine, 21 kilos of marijuana, 254 kilos of methamphetamines, 30 kilograms of heroin and 13 kilograms of fentanyl in that month. Meanwhile, in September, Border Patrol elements seized 4 kilograms of cocaine, 331 kilograms of marijuana, 190 kilograms of methamphetamine and 17 kilograms of heroin.

In 2017, the agency also reported an unusual case with the arrest of a man trying to introduce a cargo of methamphetamine through a drone across the same border. EFEUSA

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