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A new code name for the next installment of Call of Duty

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We are still waiting for official announcements regarding the next installment of Call of Duty. A leak suggests a new code name as well as a first logo clearly reminiscent of World War II.

It may be the summer soap opera for all Call of Duty fans. Whilewe still do not have official information on the next opus, apart from the name of the studio in charge, rumors continue to circulate. As usual, they come from the very knowledgeable Tom Henderson.

The latter has just unveiled a new code name for this 2021 opus, “Slipstream”, Found in the files of Battle.net. On the other hand, we do not know whether it is the official name of the game or just a real code name to prevent the official name, presumed to be “Vanguard”, from being disclosed. It looks a bit like what happened last year with the code name “The Red Door” which had been used not to disclose the name “Black Ops Cold War”.

This name comes with a first logo which clearly suggests the Second World War, theme announced for this next installment of the license. We now have to wait for official announcements but it could happen soon. Indeed, as Helba reveals, an alpha version is coming “soon” while the fact that Black Ops 4 is free on the PS + may suggest a desire to hype the license before the announcements.


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